Our privacy policy – We take data protection seriously

Personal data

Personal data is information that indicates your identity: Name, address, postal address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address. We store your personal data only as far as this is necessary for the processing of your order. and processing of your order is required. We will give your personal data to third parties.

However, for the purposes of credit assessment, a Data exchange with service companies. your interests worthy of protection are always taken into account.

Anonymised data

With your visit to our offer you can also find information about the Access (date, time, page viewed) stored on our server will be. These data do not belong to the personal data, but are anonymized. They are used by us exclusively for statistical purposes. evaluated.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used on certain pages, without our informing you about this. ...that we can point out. In this cookie we only store a technical data base Customer number. Most browsers are set in such a way that they accept cookies automatically accept. You can set your browser to is notified as soon as cookies are sent. The stored data are deleted again when you leave our website.

We take data protection seriously. For questions and concerns in connection with our privacy policy, please contact please contact our customer service: kundendienst@arial.ch