Editing texts

Video – Editing and formatting texts

Video – Add or remove text to a stamp design

Video – Aligning texts in a layout

Help on round set

Video – Edit round text

Video – Insert round text

Video – Remove round text


Video – Designing booking stamps with a table

Video – Insert table

Video – Remove frame or table

Video – Connecting cells in tables

Video – Separate cells in tables

Video – Align text in tables

Video – Insert columns and rows in a table


Video – Insert frame

Video – Remove frame or table

Pictures, logos and graphics

Video – Upload images for stamps

Video – Insert images on a stamp

Video – Remove images from a stamp

Video – Enlarge and reduce images, logos or graphics

Stamp with upload of a file

Video – Stamp with a PDF file

Video – Stamp with a Word file

Video – Stamp with an Excel file

Resolution and file formats

Help for symbols

Video – Insert symbols

Video – Remove symbols

Video – Edit symbols

Change pillows, soak

Video – Pillow change at Trodat Printy

Stamp with our templates

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