What our customers do

Here you will find a selection of products which have been designed and ordered by our customers via this website.

A post stamps and PP stamps – 2 Examples of orders

Account assignment stamps with date – 9 Examples of orders

datumstempel-359628.jpg 359628

A beautiful large round stamp design. The customer has decided on a model of the stamp line Impressor, which reliably prints large designs with precision.

datumstempel-296682.jpg 296682

Put your stamp on your documents! With a logo stamp from us.

datumstempel-368744.jpg 368744

Even oval designs are possible with our round set generator. The middle text is wonderfully highlighted by the ellipse.

datumstempel-349713.jpg 349713

Opposites make life exciting. The combination of the black and white address with the white-black logo too!

datumstempel-365588.jpg 365588

The circle around the heart consists of several circles, the texts were moved to the right place with the angle indications. Thus a beautiful, concise stamp was created!

Account assignment stamps without date – 9 Examples of orders

kontierungsstempel-ohne-datum-368167.jpg 368167

This successful design is reminiscent of the old passport photo machines and therefore deserves our nomination as Stamp of the Week!

kontierungsstempel-ohne-datum-301311.jpg 301311

An own design, which was made offline and then uploaded as PDF to our website: Nice example of a large address stamp.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-377124.jpg 377124

A practical logo stamp! With a diameter of 15mm it can be placed anywhere.

kontierungsstempel-ohne-datum-319608.jpg 319608

The perfect wave! This and many other motifs are freely available for stamp design.

Address stamps with frame – 6 Examples of orders

ohne-zuweisung-328670.jpg 328670

We congratulate on the successful diving stamp! Here we used our own logo, and completed the design with our roundset generator.

rundstempel-334775.jpg 334775

The logo above the address immediately enhances the address stamp. It is an eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-341779.jpg 341779

A booking stamp can also be embellished and personalised with the company logo. If you experience problems uploading, please contact customer service with your logo and we will be happy to help you.

Address stamps without frame – 9 Examples of orders

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-292000.jpg 292000

A logo stamp makes an impression! The logo was uploaded by the customer himself.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-358752.jpg 358752

The customer has uploaded his design with logo and address himself and has now ordered for the second time. Because ordered templates remain stored in the customer account, reordering requires only a few clicks. We think: still a successful design!

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-362707.jpg 362707

A very expressive logo stamp has been created here. The graphic was uploaded as a black and white file and could therefore be converted 1:1.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-286762.jpg 286762

The design with the beautifully curved font was created online in our design interface. Different font sizes were skilfully used to direct the eye.

grafikstempel-350199.jpg 350199

Account assignment stamps have to be one thing above all: practical. With us, just like this customer here, you can put together your very own personal account assignment stamp that fits your needs exactly.

ohne-zuweisung-367618.jpg 367618

Funny and appealing, the stamp impression is sure to leave a lasting impression!

datumstempel-294866.jpg 294866

A stamp that creates atmosphere! The customer has uploaded the ready-made template and inserted it into the design interface.

ohne-zuweisung-326171.jpg 326171

This business customer has uploaded a finished design as PDF. This has resulted in a stamp which, in addition to the logo, also reflects the character of the company.

Date stamps – 3 Examples of orders

datumstempel-378064.jpg 378064

A cleanly designed round stamp with logo in the middle.

Thanks to our roundset generator the design is very simple.

datumstempel-301756.jpg 301756

A very nicely made round stamp. The image was uploaded and converted into a black and white graphic by our system. The rounds were set stylishly with our online editor.

logostempel-339018.jpg 339018

And again it is January, the time to check your date stamp. Even more complex models like this customer's can be realized for you!

In our online tool, various templates are stored, which can easily be adapted to your needs. If you are queuing, we are here to help you.

Diving stamps – 9 Examples of orders

rundstempel-335087.jpg 335087

An impressive example of what is possible with our online editor in terms of table stamps.

tauchstempel-375892.jpg 375892

This beautiful round stamp is composed of your own round logo in the middle and building up words all around, placed with the practical round stamp generator.

rundstempel-312142.jpg 312142

The customer has managed to design a clearly arranged booking stamp for the complex application. Especially the right column with the tickable list helps to keep order.

tauchstempel-362021.jpg 362021

Every print makes an impression! The logo stamp is a beautiful and simple way to draw attention to yourself.

Examination stamps – 3 Examples of orders

Geocaching stamps – 4 Examples of orders

Graphic stamps – 9 Examples of orders

rundstempel-342710.jpg 342710

This template, completely created on our design surface, was certainly not easy. But the effort was worth it! It is clearly arranged and contains all necessary details.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-376283.jpg 376283

A beautifully designed logo stamp, uploaded directly by the customer as a finished file.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-352030.jpg 352030

With your own logo above the address, you can put a personal stamp on all your letters and documents.

kontierungsstempel-ohne-datum-353282.jpg 353282

A nicely arranged stamp, on the left the uploaded logo, next to it the right-aligned address.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-300241.jpg 300241

A compact and clear booking stamp, designed with our table module.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-324486.jpg 324486

A classic, attractive address stamp, consisting of logo and address in three lines.

rundstempel-332780.jpg 332780

The perfect wave! This and many other motifs are freely available for stamp design.

tauchstempel-367818.jpg 367818

A successful logo stamp, the text is in a stylish roundel.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-333989.jpg 333989

A beautiful address stamp, in the middle refined with an ornament from our large symbol catalogue. The chosen font fits perfectly and gives the design impetus.

Logo stamps – 9 Examples of orders

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-342943.jpg 342943

With a stamp imprint all important information and leave a lasting impression: used was the own logo, a table and the text editor.

logostempel-335848.jpg 335848

Do you also need a new booking stamp? With one of our numerous templates and a few adjustments, you will receive a stamp that is precisely tailored to your needs and makes your everyday life easier.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-305337.jpg 305337

The design consists of your own logo and the text in our roundset generator. A very successful combination!

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-359885.jpg 359885

Accounting stamps in larger sizes are also possible with us without problems. The customer uploaded his own design and had a 60x60mm stamp produced from it.

ohne-zuweisung-302591.jpg 302591

An address stamp with a matching logo immediately looks more appealing.

buerostempel-369554.jpg 369554

QR codes are the fastest connection between paper and the digital world. With our QR Code Generator it is very easy to pack all the desired data into one code.

Motif stamps – 9 Examples of orders

rundstempel-376896.jpg 376896

A cute stamp design! The customer has skilfully combined the roundset with her own image.

rundstempel-338283.jpg 338283

A booking stamp must meet 2 criteria in particular: It must be compact and clearly arranged. This model combines the two criteria in an attractive way.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-377837.jpg 377837

A very nice designed round logo stamp. The bold font fits perfectly with the logo.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-371060.jpg 371060

In the middle of a round stamp the new logo is shown to its best advantage!

Photo Stamps – 4 Examples of orders

adressstempel-mit-rahmen-317964.jpg 317964

A wonderful combination: Your own logo above the address makes each stamp impression even more personal.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-367297.jpg 367297

Our roundset generator was used here as an example for the texts in the circle. The sun fits wonderfully in the middle!

QR code stamps – 5 Examples of orders

logostempel-284407.jpg 284407

An example of how creative a stamp impression can be! The customer uploaded his own art as a finished document and used it for the stamp design.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-360194.jpg 360194
A beautiful logo, uploaded by the customer herself and completed with the necessary text.
rundstempel-313633.jpg 313633

A booking stamp must meet 2 criteria in particular: It must be compact and clearly arranged. This model combines the two criteria in an attractive way.

Round Stamps – 9 Examples of orders

rundstempel-354141.jpg 354141

This stamp design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression! Very successful combination of log and address.

rundstempel-343691.jpg 343691

Account assignment stamps have to be one thing above all: practical. With us, just like this customer, you can put together your very own personal account assignment stamp that fits your needs exactly.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-378481.jpg 378481
For a lasting impression: an expressive round stamp with address. We congratulate on the successful design!
rundstempel-297659.jpg 297659

What a great idea to decorate the birth announcements with the baby's current footprint! We congratulate the Baer family on the new generation!

rundstempel-339100.jpg 339100

Especially with complex stamp sets like this model it is of great advantage if the template is preserved and available for a new order.

Signature stamps – 3 Examples of orders

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-313497.jpg 313497

This example shows very nicely that a logo also looks very good in a booking stamp.

Wedding stamps – 9 Examples of orders

rundstempel-306812.jpg 306812

A nicely designed address stamp with logo! The customer uploaded his logo as an image file and added the address in a text module.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-303830.jpg 303830

A very harmoniously designed company stamp, with the company logo a real eye-catcher.

ohne-zuweisung-350880.jpg 350880

With your logo you can visually enhance your address stamp and the recognition value increases significantly.

rundstempel-283695.jpg 283695

The customer uploaded this funny template herself and had a wooden stamp made from it.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-331698.jpg 331698
A beautiful diving stamp! The customer has uploaded her own graphics and completed the design with the practical roundset generator. The chosen model Colop Pocketstamp is ideal as a dipping stamp because it can be packed in a space-saving way.
stempel-layouts-von-kunden-317241.jpg 317241

A stamp with integrated date is very practical for the control of goods and hygiene.

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-288538.jpg 288538

What a great idea to announce the wedding with a stamp! The customer has uploaded the finished file and ordered a stamp of it. In this way almost any motif is possible!

rundstempel-323591.jpg 323591
Your own uploaded logo stylishly combined with a text sentence. The design was combined with a frame, which gives a self-contained effect.
stempel-layouts-von-kunden-309481.jpg 309481

Account assignment stamps have to be one thing above all: practical. With us, just like this customer, you can put together your very own personal account assignment stamp that fits your needs exactly.