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stempel-layout-257340.jpg 257340
Who says P.P. stamps have to be boring? Combined with your own logo, the appearance of each letter is enhanced.

Further information on the subject

Swiss Post is making new regulations for PP stamps. It requires that the PP stamp imprint show the Swiss Post logo or the company name of Swiss Post. From 1 January 2016, PP franked items without correct marking will be postmarked by Swiss Post for a fee. The mandatory elements of a PP stamp are now as follows: the marking P.P. (Port Payé) the postal code and the location of the sender the Swiss Post logo or the designation "Post CH AG a frame around the design For A Mail items, the "A" or "A-PROIRITY" must also be indicated. The PP stamp is affixed to the top right-hand corner of the envelope. We offer you templates with various stamp models, which you can of course adapt to your needs. You will find all further information on PP items in a PDF of Swiss Post on the subject of PP

New postal regulations from 1.1.2016

If a postmark is only used for a specific constellation, it is called a special postmark. If, on the other hand, the postmark contains a date that corresponds to the date of issue of a cancelled postage stamp, it is called a first-day postmark. If mass mailings are to be sent, individual frankings can be omitted by using a cash franking stamp. Smaller Swiss post offices use the "P.P." stamp for this purpose. (Port payé). Larger offices that use a stamping machine, on the other hand, use a corresponding "P.P." flag for the common local date stamp.

Examples of Swiss postmarks and their areas of application

With an Infopost stamp you can literally save "cash money". Used for sending stamped Infopost such as direct mail, it is ideal for companies with a large volume of mailings. For smaller quantities of up to 50 items, it is recommended to use a wooden stamp. However, if you want to cancel larger quantities, it is advisable to purchase a practical self-inking stamp. You will certainly save a lot of time and work with the Trodat Printy and Trodat Professional stamp models.

Infopost stamp

A postmark is both a specific postmark device and the imprint it reproduces. As a rule, it is designed in such a way that the date and, if necessary, the time can always be updated. The location information is usually not changed. If the postal item in question contains a stamp or other postage stamp, this is cancelled by affixing the postmark.