Select this option if you have a finished graphic file or if you want to use the template «Graphic stamps» in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT We also provide files in the correct format for the «Graphic stamps» most common programs. You can download them, edit them on your computer and then upload them again in the next step.

Graphic stamps – With upload of a file
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We take care of everything: We will gladly design an individual template in the size from to «Graphic stamps» for you. Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – Image – a document – Possibly a photo of the imprint of the old stamp. Our customer service will then take care of the rest. You will receive a design suggestion for the «Graphic stamps». Only when you give your OK, we produce the «Graphic stamps».

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Graphic stamp – Some examples from our production

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

Graphic stamps – 9 Examples of orders

grafikstempel-339018.jpg 339018

A beautiful address stamp, in the middle refined with an ornament from our large symbol catalogue. The chosen font fits perfectly and gives the design impetus.

grafikstempel-325275.jpg 325275

Our customers are also very Christmassy. This Christmassy design was created from the logo you uploaded yourself and the text in the roundel.

stempel-layout-300241.jpg 300241

A stamp that creates atmosphere! The customer has uploaded the ready-made template and inserted it into the design interface.

stempel-layout-342317.jpg 342317

A cool logo stamp that is sure to leave an impression!

stempel-layout-345344.jpg 345344

A beautiful logo stamp! The customer uploaded her logo herself and created a stamp template from it.

buchhaltungsstempel-322076.jpg 322076

That's right, in 7 weeks, Samichlous will be back! We wish our customer much anticipation with the successful stamp model in the preparation time for this special day.

stempel-layout-298007.jpg 298007

A simple but concise logo is best suited for a logo stamp!

grafikstempel-350199.jpg 350199

The logo above the address immediately enhances the address stamp. It is an eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression.

stempel-layout-268597.jpg 268597

What applies to our customer's products also applies to our stamps, business cards and signs: made in Switzerland!