Address stamp –with frame and without frame

Address stamps can be ordered with or without frame. Please select the desired category.

The address stamp with frame is a great helper in the office and for those who like – Private or business – Write a lot and often specify your address. The frame stops the address and gives it the necessary attention. Whether on the envelope, the stationery, at the end of a document or in ready-made brochures and flyers: the address stamp with frame immediately gives an individual touch and provides all important contact information.

Address stamps with frame
Address stamps with frame   – Design and order online

The address stamp without a frame is simply the classic. He is the indispensable helper for anyone who likes to write a lot – Privately or on business – And often has to give their address. Whether on ready-made brochures and flyers, on the envelope or the stationery: the address stamp without frame provides all important contact information clearly and clearly. Short and sweet with three lines or in detail with many lines – Order the address stamp of your choice from us!
Address stamps without frame

Address stamps without frame   – Design and order online


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A huge selection – That pleases me

Here I find modern address stamps that are convincing both by their simple operation and their exceptionally precise print quality. I could choose from a huge selection of different text stamps and ordered my personal address stamp very easily here. Within only two days I had my personal address stamp already in my mailbox.

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A huge selection

Address stamp orders of our customers – Some examples from our production

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

Address stamps with frame – 6 Examples of orders

buchhaltungsstempel-277280.jpg 277280
The tension that arises between the two fundamentally different fonts used makes this simple address stamp something very special.
adressstempel-mit-rahmen-277280.jpg 277280
The tension that arises between the two fundamentally different fonts used makes this simple address stamp something very special.
stempel-layout-328670.jpg 328670
The text of this multi-coloured stamp was chosen to match the general appearance of the company.
rundstempel-341292.jpg 341292
A special variant of the classic address stamp. The address in the round and the chosen font appear extraordinary and elegant.
rundstempel-334775.jpg 334775
The address is beautifully framed by the online designed roundel.
rundstempel-354956.jpg 354956
For a lasting impression: an expressive round stamp with address. We congratulate on the successful design!

Address stamps without frame – 6 Examples of orders

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-308133.jpg 308133

Stamp print for stamp print, the successful combination of logo and address increases the recognition value.

stempel-layout-258611.jpg 258611

An address stamp with a matching logo immediately looks more appealing.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-259201.jpg 259201

Whether black and white or white and black, there are (almost) no limits to the design possibilities of your stamp impression. Just try it out!

stempel-layout-252697.jpg 252697

An own design, which was made offline and then uploaded as PDF to our website: Nice example of a large address stamp.

adressstempel-ohne-rahmen-292000.jpg 292000

A simple address stamp is immediately enhanced and stands out more if you insert your logo next to it!

Questions and answers

Yeah, that's no problem. Most of the time it just needs one or two more lines of text. So just choose a template with four or five lines. Then change the texts and enter the names of the family members you want to use.

Yes, we provide a large number of symbols. You can easily integrate these into a stamp design. You can also upload your own design. Even uploading a photo works for stamp orders.

Yes, you can. You can just upload your logo. Our system will take care of all technical issues and prepare the logo perfectly for a stamp. You only have to take care of the placement on the stamp.

Yes, you can. And it's very simple. We provide many templates for address stamps on our website. In addition to various designs, there are also many fonts available. So you only need to select one template and adjust the text.

Yes, of course. We produce all stamps here in Switzerland and of course we deliver them to all cantons, including Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland. The delivery is carried out by the Swiss Post.

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Here you will find modern address stamps that are easy to use and offer exceptionally precise printing quality. Look forward to a huge selection of different text stamps and order your personal address stamp very easily at You will see - within two working days you will already have your personal address stamp in your mailbox.

Address stamp with frame

Besides the simple address stamp, there is also the possibility – Of placing a company logo or a typical motif next – To the address, which is especially suitable for companies, artists and other people who want to stand out. This is either done additionally or the address is integrated into the logo.

Apart from the individuality of the content, address stamps are also available externally in different colours, materials and shapes and for various purposes –, such as pocket or automatic – Stamps. In addition to the hand stamps made of sturdy wood or easy-care plastic, which require an external stamp pad that is available in various stamp colours, there are also stamps that have an integrated stamp pad. These enable an absolutely clean and immediate use of the address stamp. Address stamps are available in square, oval or round shapes and in various colours. The modern address stamps are small and handy for almost every bag.

The Trodat brand stands for optimum functionality, stability and modern design. This is why the Trodat Printy is the most widely sold address stamp of all. With the newly launched Printy 4.0, Trodat has created one of the most modern self-inking stamps of our time. The first climate-neutral address stamp in the world is incredibly compact, light and elegant at the same time.

Now some people might say that in the age of computers all this can also be done with a PC. This is not to be denied, but the manually operated address stamps save time and money. Unnecessary starting of the computer, buying the expensive printing ink as well as high electricity costs are omitted, there are only one-time purchase costs.

If you need a very formal address stamp, e.g –. for addressing for regular mailings –, you should consider the following: The text part must contain the title or salutation, the first – And last name, the street name including house number and the postcode with the corresponding city. For items sent abroad, the country is written in capital letters in German, English or French –, but preferably in the language of the destination – Country on the last line.

The individual selection of address stamps is easy to handle and,– As already mentioned, the wide range of products extends – From simple, plain plastic stamps to professional metal stamps.