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    In the first step below, choose a layout template that best suits your needs. You can adapt this later to your wishes.

  2. Stamp selection

    Our system will show you all suitable stamps for the layout. Select the desired stamp model.

  3. Editing in the editor

    Customize the layout and text in our online editor to suit your needs.

  4. Order of the stamp

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Date stamps – 120 Templates for selection

Select this option if you have a finished graphic file or if you want to use the template «Date stamps» in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT We also provide files in the correct format for the «Date stamps» most common programs. You can download them, edit them on your computer and then upload them again in the next step.

Date stamps – With upload of a file
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We take care of everything: We will gladly design an individual template in the size from to «Date stamps» for you. Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – Image – a document – Possibly a photo of the imprint of the old stamp. Our customer service will then take care of the rest. You will receive a design suggestion for the «Date stamps». Only when you give your OK, we produce the «Date stamps».

Date stamps – With full service
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The somewhat different kitchen aid

I am a passionate cook – Just labeling the countless bags, Packages and glasses always annoyed me. With my date stamp that now really fast of the hand – just great!

rating 5

Date stamp – Some examples from our production

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

Date stamps – 9 Examples of orders

datumstempel-348396.jpg 348396

Date stamps are never more up-to-date than in January! They simplify the processes in the accounting department enormously.

datumstempel-266585.jpg 266585

An impressive example of what is possible with our online editor in terms of table stamps.

datumstempel-301756.jpg 301756

Date stamps are never more up-to-date than in January! They simplify the confirmation of receipts or payments immensely.

datumstempel-324358.jpg 324358

Compact and clear: This incoming goods stamp was designed completely with our online editor.

datumstempel-329697.jpg 329697

Especially with complex stamp sets like this model it is of great advantage if the template is preserved and available for a new order.

datumstempel-349713.jpg 349713

A stamp with integrated date is very practical for the control of goods and hygiene.

datumstempel-294866.jpg 294866

This clearly arranged and well thought-out booking stamp was created from A to Z with our online editor.

datumstempel-267393.jpg 267393

Even a very simple booking stamp may look attractive. No matter whether you use one of our numerous templates, upload your finished template or combine different elements, the design possibilities are almost unlimited.

datumstempel-276620.jpg 276620

Do you also need a new booking stamp? With one of our numerous templates and a few adjustments, you will receive a stamp that is precisely tailored to your needs and makes your everyday life easier.

Questions and answers

Yes, you can. We offer an extensive range of fonts and formatting options, you can design your own personal date stamp in no time at all, simply and easily.

Yeah, that's no problem. Note the position of the date block, it is marked pink. No other text is displayed at this position. The easiest way is to choose the appropriate stamp first, then click on "Order with file upload" and follow the process.

Please note that the pink marked area is reserved for the date block. On most models it is centered. It cannot be moved. You are completely free in your design all around.

Our online help offers various videos with instructions on how to design your stamp. If you are still stuck, save your started template as a draft and contact customer service. We will be happy to help you design your stamp.

Further information on the subject

Recorded on documents in every office a hundred times a day: the current date. This is done quickly and neatly with a date stamp. The stamps have an adjustable date function and can be supplemented with predefined or individual text modules and a company logo. The design is very easy with our online editor: choose a template, add your own data, order, done!

Stamp with date

Date stamps are used every day and ensure that the current date appears quickly on all documents. In addition to the current date, other information such as department or posting account can also be accommodated.

Every day anew

You can design our date stamps individually according to your personal requirements. You can use templates with predefined text, use your own text modules or integrate your company logo. At arial.ch you can also get date stamps as round stamps!

Date and more

Date stamps facilitate office work and ensure fast, error-free work. To ensure that the date stamp fits perfectly with your company's appearance, you can design it in our online shop according to your wishes:

  • Without text or with predefined text
  • With individual text
  • With logo (simple file upload)
  • As round stamp

With just a few clicks, you can get your individual date stamp, which you can adapt exactly to your needs. The production usually takes only 24 hours and is done in proven brand quality.

Date stamp

A date stamp is there to mark a document with a date. So that this office helper can be used for many years, it has a practical adjustment mechanism. So the day and/or month and year indications can be always continued. Monthly data and other options A date stamp can print the month in two different ways. Either it prints the month in numbers or in letters. Example for numbers: 04.02.2012 Example for text: 04.Feb.2012 In addition, there are differences in the leading zero of the day. Instead of the leading zero, you can also use a hyphen or simply omit the first digit of the day. There is also a variant with an advertised year number or a shortened year number Example with leading zero: 04.Feb.2019 Example without leading zero: 4.Feb.19 Furthermore, a date stamp can also be supplemented with a logo or a text. While the text or logo always remains the same, the date can be changed at any time. Even date stamps with time are very popular office helpers.

Date stamp

This extremely stable stamp is optimally suited for daily use. It convinces with a housing made of a unique, brushed stainless steel construction, superior ergonomics and uncompromising functionality. The stamp pad is integrated and it has a practical viewing window. The extremely popular Trodat Printy stamp is ideal for occasional use. It has a plastic housing and also scores points for ergonomics and functionality. The ink pad is integrated and it also has a practical viewing window.

Trodat Professional and Trodat Printy

A date stamp is used many times every day and makes the writing work much easier. In addition to the date, other information can be placed on the stamp. At arial.ch, you can order date stamps without text, with a predefined text or with an individual text and logo. Even round stamps are possible. Many templates make it easy for you to design your own date stamp and make designing it child's play.

Every day again

At arial.ch you can design your date stamp with your own personal text. In our online shop you will find many different templates which you can individualize with your personal text. Of course it is also possible to insert your own logo into the date stamp. For lovers of the special appearance, the popular date stamps are also available as round stamps.

Date stamp with own text

At arial.ch, you can get date stamps in the best brand quality from Trodat. The self-inking stamps convince with their ease of use, durability and functionality. Of course, you can adapt and design your Trodat date stamp in our online shop individually according to your needs so that it fits in perfectly with your company image. Design and order your useful assistant for the office right here –- it only takes a few clicks! Date stamps are important aids for everyday office – Life. They provide incoming mail or documents for filing with the date of receipt quickly and neatly. This saves time-consuming paperwork and ensures a uniform appearance of all documents. Date stamps according to your wishes: At arial.ch you can get date stamps according to your individual wishes! Design your date stamp without text, use a given text or design a stamp with individual text and company logo. The possibilities are unlimited!

Date stamp from Trodat

If you need a date stamp, you will find it in our online shop. We carry all kinds of date stamps in high quality designs and at reasonable prices. If you have questions or suggestions to a certain product, please contact our competent customer service.

Date stamp

Date stamps with built-in ink pads make daily office work easier. Whether in warehouse management or in accounting: when it comes to marking documents with the date of receipt or processing, they are an indispensable aid. The date must be set manually once a day to the current date. For additional text, areas above and below the date are available. These can be designed and labelled online. The side areas are often used for tables. For date stamps for everyday professional use, it is advisable to choose the robust metal-reinforced versions of the Trodat Professional Line. These metal-reinforced stamps are more durable and provide the best stamp impressions due to their precise mechanics. Dater stamps are also available as plastic from the Printy Line. These are designed more for private use or the home office.

Dater with integrated ink pad