Stamp Text plate – In case of changes of address, telephone number or logo


Stamp Text plate – In case of changes of address, telephone number or logo
Stamp Text plate

Stamps have text plates. All the important information that the stamp is to print is stamped on this. If the stamp imprint is no longer correct because

  • the company address has changed, for example
  • the telephone number is no longer correct
  • the logo has been updated, or
  • the stamping plate has suffered damage,
the whole stamp does not have to be disposed of immediately. It is perfectly sufficient to insert a new text plate into the stamp.

Further information on the subject

The design of your new text plate can be easily done with our online editor. We will then produce the new text plate immediately, so that it will be with you shortly afterwards and can be replaced. Of course we also include a new ink pad to ensure the quality of the impression.

You need a new text plate for your stamp because information has changed, a logo is to be inserted or the old text plate is damaged? In our online shop the design of your text plate takes only a few minutes. The delivery always includes a new stamp pad. This way we can guarantee a clean impression.

The stamp impression is recorded on the text plate. These text plates can be exchanged. So if the address, telephone number or logo changes, it is not necessary to dispose of the entire stamp.

By exchanging the text plate you immediately have a new stamp with up-to-date information available. Changing the text plate is not difficult and only takes a few minutes. A clean impression is guaranteed by the simultaneous exchange of the stamp pad.

My children got their hands on my stamp – And somehow managed to batter the text plate. Practically, these can be replaced, so that the damage was limited. A great tip from!

We are happy to advertise special offers with our stamps. For this we do not have to order a new stamp every time. Replacing the text plate is sufficient.