Trodat Ink Pad 6/57 – for Professional 5470, 5207

Size of the stamp 60×40 mm
Price CHF 21.55 inkl. MwSt.
Desired imprint colour
Two-color, extra charge: CHF 6.45
inkl. MwSt.
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Trodat Ink Pad 6/57 – for Professional 5470, 5207 Detailed information

When stamps are in use for a long time, the ink sometimes runs out. Then the "Trodat replacement cushion 6/57" will help. The "Trodat replacement cushion 6/57" has a service life of approximately 4000 to 5000 impressions. After replacing the Trodat replacement pad 6/57, you can therefore be sure that your stamp will produce clean impressions for a very long time.

The "Trodat replacement cushion 6/57" Suitable for Trodat Professional 5470 is suitable for the following stamps:

Further information – Trodat Ink Pad 6/57

Re-order replacement pads when the last pad is inserted into the stamp. Bright colours bring variety into everyday life. The pillow change is clean and you do not get your fingers dirty.

Be careful which replacement pad you need for your stamp. The ink pad can be changed easily and practically at the touch of a button without getting dirty fingers. You can easily reorder Trodat replacement cushions in several colours.

Trodat offers different types of replacement cushions. The ink pad will eventually be used up. The Trodat replacement cushions are unimpregnated and available in various colours. All Trodat stamping inks are document-proof and guarantee that the imprints last for decades. Trodat replacement – Cushions an uncomplicated change and maximum flexibility. Replacing the stamp pad is extremely uncomplicated for Trodat brand products and is very quick. As the cushions are individually wrapped in foil and thus protected from drying out, they can be stored for a longer period of time. The cushion material has been perfected over many years of research. Changing the pillow is a clean thing, just push out the old pillow and insert the new one! Trodat replacement cushions are of high quality and are available in many different designs.