Colop EOS Flash – Best quality for images and logos

The ideal stamp for everything. EOS provide the best quality for logos and images. They are also suitable for smooth surfaces. They are also available in oversizes up to 119 mm. Production takes place in 3-4 working days.

The Colop EOS Flash stamps are a completely new generation of stamps. They provide a much better quality than the well-known rubber stamps such as the Colop Printer or Trodat Printy. Because no turning mechanism is necessary, even large text plates up to 115×90 mm are no problem.

For modern demands.

Colop EOS Flash Stamps are the only stamps that truly master grayscale, delivering unmatched print quality for logos and images. Even photorealistic motives are possible! But Colop EOS Flash stamps are also the first choice for address stamps or booking stamps.

For intensive impressions.

The stamps of the EOS line are filled with ink and have no ink pads in the conventional sense. With one filling, they create tens of thousands of impressions without soaking. Afterwards, the well thought-out design allows for easy re-soaking of the stamps –, even with quick-drying ink!
The stamps are very easy to handle and absolutely silent in use. They are protected against dust and dehydration by a cover provided.

Later in the ordering process, you can choose from the following three ways to order the desired stamp.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With stamp templates

We provide templates for each stamp, which you can easily and conveniently adapt in our online editor. You can also upload a graphic or logo in the editor.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With upload of a file

You have a finished graphic file or would like to design the stamp for a program of your choice (e.g. Word or in design)? Here you can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC and XLS.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With full service

We are happy to take care of everything! Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – a document – a photo ... You will receive a design proposal. Only if you give your OK, we produce the stamp.

Text stamps rectangular

Text stamps rectangular – Colop EOS Flash

Colop EOS is suitable for company stamps, booking stamps, address stamps or logo stamps. They offer the best impression quality. They are also particularly suitable for large stamps. They are therefore often ordered for table and booking stamps. They can also be refilled. Production takes place in 3-4 working days.

Text stamps round

Text stamps round – Colop EOS Flash

Round stamps are very popular and are often used to certify documents officially. Colop EOS offer the best print quality. Because round stamps often include a logo, they are the first choice when the best quality is required. They can also be refilled. Production takes place in 3-4 working days.

Stamping ink

Stamping ink – About Colop EOS

Your ink pad has dried out? Here you will find stamping ink for impregnating stamp pads: waterproof, quick-drying and indelible or skin-friendly stamping inks from Coloris are available from stock.