Colop Printer – The alternative to Printy

The inexpensive alternative to Printy, suitable for text, logo, table and date stamps. A solid plastic stamp for office and private use in various colours. The stamp pad is built in. Production usually takes place in 24 hours.

With the Colop Printer stamp you can not only show your colours impressively, but also work very effectively and easily. In its handy format, the modern stamp shows its strengths above all through its smart design, its pleasant operation and its exceptionally precise print quality.

Colourful functionality.

The exact imprint left by the stamps of the Colop Printer line is due to its sophisticated mechanics. Integrated slide stoppers effectively prevent the stamp from slipping during the stamping process. A viewing window ensures reliable protection of the stamp impressions.
You achieve even impressions – And leave clean impressions.

Flexible advantages.

Small and fine, the Colop Printer stamp practically adapts to every requirement. And always at a high level, with a contemporary design, super-stable, with a shapely temple and with an exceptionally precise pressure distribution.
Colop Printer – The stamp that convinces.

Later in the ordering process, you can choose from the following three ways to order the desired stamp.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With stamp templates

We provide templates for each stamp, which you can easily and conveniently adapt in our online editor. You can also upload a graphic or logo in the editor.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With upload of a file

You have a finished graphic file or would like to design the stamp for a program of your choice (e.g. Word or in design)? Here you can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC and XLS.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With full service

We are happy to take care of everything! Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – a document – a photo ... You will receive a design proposal. Only if you give your OK, we produce the stamp.

Text stamps rectangular

Text stamps rectangular – Colop Printer

Whether company stamp, address stamp or date stamp: The Colop is the affordable universal stamp for everything. The stamp pad is built into all models. Many sizes and colours are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Text stamps rectangular Green Line

Text stamps rectangular Green Line – Colop Printer

Whether company stamp, address stamp or date stamp: The Colop is the affordable universal stamp for everything. The stamp pad is built into all models. Many sizes and colours are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Text stamps round

Text stamps round – Colop Printer

Round stamps are often used to officially certify documents. A round impression and the matching round stamp – a consistently round thing. The stamp pad is built in. Different sizes are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Spare cushion

Spare cushion – Colop Printer

Your Colop Printer only prints stale and poorly? To get clear and clean prints again, you can simply order a new Colop replacement stamp pad for your Colop Printer stamp. Replacing the Colop replacement pillows is easy and works without getting your fingers dirty.

News and most ordered products – From Colop

We have decided – For stamps from Colop

Since years we only order stamps from Colop – And this only online in this shop. The products are qualitatively super and prove themselves in our everyday office – Life. Never before we had a problem with a Colop stamp. And if we need a new stamp, the delivery goes incredibly fast – Today ordered, tomorrow delivered. rating 5
We have decided

Questions and answers

We carry all products of the Colop brand, and we have practically all colours of cases in stock for all models. In addition, we also have many other special colours available in addition to the standard printing colours.

Yeah, right! We have all Colop stamp pads in stock. In addition to the standard Colop colours, we can also ink stamp pads in many other special colours. You can design a new text plate easily and quickly online with the help of our stamp templates.

The stamps of the "Colop Printer"– Line are very popular, especially the Printer 30, Printer 40 and Printer 50, while the "Colop Classic" line includes the "Colop Classic 5204" and "Colop Classic 5207".

The housings of Colop-Printer stamps are small and compact and made of plastic. The "Colop Classic" and "Colop Expert", on the other hand, are largely made of stainless steel and are therefore particularly suitable for frequent use in everyday office life.

Colop – The leading manufacturer of stamps

Colop is an Austrian company that manufactures stamping devices in all sizes. Most of these stamps are manufactured with built-in ink pads.


The company was founded in 1980 by the Austrian Karl Skopek. It started small with only one employee. But only a few years later the company grew enormously thanks to its high-quality products. The company headquarters was soon moved to the Austrian town of Wels, and – Curiously enough, the site of the second leading stamp company Colop. Little by little Colop continuously expanded its range of products: the first self-inking stamp came on the market under the name "Colop Quick". This was followed by the "Colop Printer", "Colop Classic" and date and round stamps. In the field of stamping technology, Colop is also an important driver in the development of new technologies and manufacturing defects. Colop also recognized early on the necessity of ecological production and in 2008 launched products on the market under the label "Green Line", which are made from up to 8o% recycled materials.

Colop is the brand name for the products of the company "COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co". Colop is one of the leading manufacturers of stamps and stamp accessories worldwide. The products of Colop can be described as of equal quality to the competing products of Trotad. Both manufacturers also offer a roughly comparable product range. Colop has a unique selling point with the so-called "flash stamps"– Available under the name Colop EOS. Colop is also distinguished by innovations in the field of "digital marking solutions". In 2019 COLOP introduced the "e-mark". This product convinces and inspires customers as well as international expert juries – Of the "e-mark" have already won several renowned awards for product innovation and design. Today is whether a multinational company with branches all over the world. According to its own information, Colop supplies 120 export markets all over the world with an export rate of more than 95 %–, making it one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern stamps. The company employs around 500 people worldwide,– 200 of them in Austria.

The Colop e-mark no longer has much in common with a conventional stamp. It is rather a mixture of a mobile printer and a digital stamp. Based on inkjet technology, it prints on envelopes, labels, stationery, packaging material and much more with prints that were previously designed on a computer or tablet.

The designs are agreed in a free of charge, which then transfers them via WLAN to the e-mark. This allows text, images and logos to be combined to create a more colourful design. This is then transferred to the desired medium with the small mobile printer.

But that's not all. The device is also capable of so-called "sequential markings", which means that different imprints can be applied one after the other without any intervention on the device.

But the Colop e-mark is also capable of personalised labels or consecutive numbering. It prints on different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, cork, wood, napkins ...