Postmark – Swiss postmarks and their fields of application

Examples of Swiss postmarks and their areas of application

If a postmark is only used for a specific constellation, it is called a special postmark. Contains the postmark, on the other hand, bears a date which corresponds to the date of issue of a cancelled postage stamp, then this is called a first-day stamp. If bulk mailings are to be sent, individual franking options can be can be omitted by inserting a bar franking stamp. Smaller Swiss post offices use the postmark "P.P." (Port payé). Larger offices using a stamping machine, on the other hand, set a corresponding flag "P.P." in the usual local date stamp.

Infopost stamp

With an Infopost stamp you can literally save "cash money". Used for the dispatch of stamped Infopost, like direct mail, it is ideal for companies with a large volume of mailings. For smaller quantities of up to 50 pieces are recommended to use a wooden stamp. However, if you would like larger quantities, it is recommended to purchase a practical self-inking stamp. With the Trodat Printy and Trodat Professional stamp models will certainly save you a lot of time and work.

Postmark – Swiss postmarks and their fields of application
A postmark is a term used to refer to both a specific postmark device and the impression it reproduces. It is usually designed in such a way that the date and, if necessary, the time can always be updated. The location information is usually not changed. If the postal item in question contains a stamp or other postage stamp, this will be cancelled by the application of the stamp.