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  1. Selecting the template

    Please choose a template below that suits your needs. You can then adapt it in the editor.

  2. Stamp selection

    Our system will show you all suitable stamps for the layout. Select the desired stamp model.

  3. Editing in the editor

    Customize the layout and text in our online editor to suit your needs.

  4. Order of the stamp

    Follow the ordering process. Ordered by 4:00 p.m., delivered tomorrow.

Round Stamps – 88 Templates for selection

Select this option if you have a finished graphic file or if you want to use the template «Round Stamps» in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT We also provide files in the correct format for the «Round Stamps» most common programs. You can download them, edit them on your computer and then upload them again in the next step.

Round Stamps – With upload of a file
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We take care of everything: We will gladly design an individual template in the size from to «Round Stamps» for you. Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – Image – a document – Possibly a photo of the imprint of the old stamp. Our customer service will then take care of the rest. You will receive a design suggestion for the «Round Stamps». Only when you give your OK, we produce the «Round Stamps».

Round Stamps – With full service
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Round stamp – Title Supplement

This shop offers me a unique online editor, with which I could design my round stamp myself - even with my personal logo! rating 5
Round stamp

Text 3 – Some examples from our production

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

Round Stamps – 9 Examples of orders

stempel-layout-253825.jpg 253825

A very nicely made round stamp. The image was uploaded and converted into a black and white graphic by our system. The rounds were set stylishly with our online editor.

rundstempel-327774.jpg 327774

In the middle of a round stamp the new logo is shown to its best advantage!

rundstempel-306812.jpg 306812

This successful design is reminiscent of the old passport photo machines and therefore deserves our nomination as Stamp of the Week!

stempel-layout-355464.jpg 355464

With this logo stamp you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

stempel-layout-333225.jpg 333225

A wonderful idea to indicate the upcoming open day with a stamp! The customer has uploaded the finished design and selected a round stamp model suitable for the size of the impression.

grafikstempel-325275.jpg 325275

Our customers are also very Christmassy. This Christmassy design was created from the logo you uploaded yourself and the text in the roundel.

rundstempel-335848.jpg 335848

This design was uploaded as a complete graphic. The fine lines require special attention, which is why the customer chose a model of the Colop Flash EOS stamp line. With these stamp models, even the most complex impressions can be made with precision and accuracy.

rundstempel-334775.jpg 334775
The address is beautifully framed by the online designed roundel.
rundstempel-297659.jpg 297659

Funny and appealing, the stamp impression is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Questions and answers

Yes, you can. We are the only online shop to offer a comprehensive toolbox for designing round stamps. You can also generate round lines and position your text on such a line. Additionally, you can place your logo or a graphic in the middle of the round stamp, which you can easily upload. There is a video about this process in the online help.

Yes, this is absolutely no problem. There are two ways you can do this:

  • You design the desired round stamp with a program of your choice on your computer. The template should be as square as possible (e.g. 4×4 cm). Then save or export the design as PDF. Then select "Order stamp with upload of a file" on our website and follow the process. The system will then suggest suitable round stamps.
  • You choose one of our templates, which corresponds to your ideas. Then load this template into the online editor of our website. Delete the elements you do not want (e.g. the logo placeholder). Then upload your logo and insert it into the editor. Adjust the size if necessary.

Yes, we can make that for you. We mount the round imprint on a square stamp handle in each case. So do not look for round handles, but choose a square wooden stamp for your desired round stamp. We offer different sizes from 10×10mm to 100×100mm.

You can either use our templates or upload a finished graphic file. For more information on creating a round stamp, see "Can I design a round stamp myself online" or "Can I order a round stamp with my logo?

Yeah, that's no problem. You have two possibilities to order a round stamp with PDF:

  • Select "Stamp with upload of your file" and follow the process. If your template has a square format, you will automatically be offered round stamps for selection.
  • First select the desired stamp, then any template. In the editor, remove the text from the template. Click the "Insert image" icons in the top line of the editor and upload your file.

There is a video about this process in the online help.

We produce very fast. Orders which reach us by 16.00 o'clock are sent by mail the same day. So you can have it in your mailbox the very next day. Only the stamps of the line "Colop EOS" take a little longer (2 – 3 days) due to production.

Round stamps look very "official". This is probably due to the fact that documents were already sealed and authenticated earlier with round Sigel stamps. However, anyone can have round stamps made for their personal or business use. Such round stamps simply must not misleadingly pretend that they are an impression of a stamp of an authority.

Round stamps look very "official". This is probably due to the fact that documents were already sealed and authenticated earlier with round Sigel stamps. However, anyone can have round stamps made for their personal or business use. Such round stamps simply must not misleadingly pretend that they are an impression of a stamp of an authority.

Further information on the subject

Round stamps can be used by private persons as well as business people - similar to the other stamps - both directly in the specialized trade and online with us order. Especially the individual design via the Internet is very important for simple, convenient and easy to do from home. The decision as to where and how one would like to acquire its desired round stamp for sale is thus also depends on the time as well as on the respective location. Considerably more time-saving and it should be more convenient to order online via the Internet, because you are neither bound by shop opening hours nor by long journeys. The present technology enables and guarantees us and you a real and effective individual design, a good customer service and high quality finding.

Especially the round shape is what many of the users as well as viewers is particularly appealing. Round is synonymous with harmony, and which of us would be not in need of harmony or even -addicted? For example, you can also find in numerous children's games or educational learning and stamp games the form the round stamp again.

For example, in law firms, at court or other public Institutes authenticate documents with such round stamps. On every pass, each driving licence and other document has a round stamp Publicly appointed experts - such as Bailiffs - carry special round stamps. Also the post office stamps their letters and parcels with round stamps on which both the place of the post office and the date.

Various professional groups, such as tax consultants and tax agents, even get the round stamp both in their form and their design as a professional stamp is also required by law.

The imitation of public, official round stamps - even the approximate Imitation - is punishable by law. However, any private person can obtain a round stamp provided that it does not bear any similarity to the above-mentioned has to show official seals. Very popular with private persons - mostly funny - motive stamps. In the business area, the round stamps are often found Application as logo stamp. The majority of the so-called dipping stamps are also round. In addition to a typical motif, they usually bear the name of the owner, a funny saying or the company name in their stamp. They are used - apart from advertising purposes - primarily for the registration in the logbooks kept by association divers or diving instructors have to.