Trodat Printy – The bestselling stamp

The universal stamp for text, logo, table and date stamps. The Printy 4.0 with its noble design is probably the most elegant of all stamps. The stamp pad is built into all models. Production usually takes place in 24 hours.

200 million sold copies of the Trodat Printy stamp have left lasting impressions with clean prints worldwide for more than 30 years. Likewise the inimitable functionality of the multi-coloured self-inking stamp. It is the most sold stamp worldwide.
For decades the Printy was further developed to its present perfect shape. The ink pad is located in the upper part of the stamp. The rubber plate with the text rests on it and simultaneously absorbs the ink for the next print. When pressure is applied to the housing, the text plate in the housing rotates through 180° and thus brings the imprint to the paper. Due to this mechanism the Printy can only be built up to a certain size. This makes it not the most suitable for large stamps. The stamps of the Trodat Professonal line or the Colop EOS line are the first choice for large prints.

All Printy – With climate-neutral production

The problem of global warming was also recognised by Trodat schone at a very early stage in stamp production. The Printy stamps 4.0 impress not only with their appealing design and carefree functionality but also with climate-neutral production! During production, up to 50% CO2 is saved compared to the previous model. The remaining, unavoidable residual so-called "carbon footprint" is offset by investments in climate protection projects recommended by the WWF. This climate-neutral production is unlikely to stop global warming, but it does make a small contribution and points the way forward for an ecological economy.

Perfect impression – Problem-free handling

As an individualist with format, the Trodat Printy stamp convinces with practical handling and a cleverly selected impression area. The print format in rectangular form is perfectly suited for easily legible stamp prints of addresses – In colour and also with logo. Trendy in design, contemporary in functionality and reliable in daily use: the Trodat Printy stamp provides business papers with the necessary additional information with a clean imprint day after day. Its dynamic shape combined with a special closure made of non-slip soft-touch material stands for effectiveness. Its lightness shapes unmistakable impressions at any time and any place. Trodat Printy – The stamp that is true.

Later in the ordering process, you can choose from the following three ways to order the desired stamp.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With stamp templates

We provide templates for each stamp, which you can easily and conveniently adapt in our online editor. You can also upload a graphic or logo in the editor.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With upload of a file

You have a finished graphic file or would like to design the stamp for a program of your choice (e.g. Word or in design)? Here you can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC and XLS.

Order stamps online

Order stamps online – With full service

We are happy to take care of everything! Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – a document – a photo ... You will receive a design proposal. Only if you give your OK, we produce the stamp.

Text stamps rectangular

Text stamps rectangular – Trodat Printy

Whether company stamp, address stamp or date stamp: The Printy is the universal stamp for everything. The stamp pad is built into all models. Many sizes and colours are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Office Printy

Office Printy – Trodat Printy

The Trodat Office Printy 4912 is available with the most important standard texts for office use. The stamp print is expressive thanks to the blue symbol and red text. This allows you to quickly provide your documents with the desired standard text. The already integrated blue/red stamp pad can be easily replaced later if required.

Text stamps round

Text stamps round – Trodat Printy

Round stamps are often used to officially certify documents. A round impression and the matching round stamp – a consistently round thing. The stamp pad is built in. Different sizes are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Date stamps

Date stamps – Trodat Printy

Date stamps are ideal for dating invoices or documents of all kinds. They are therefore an indispensable part of everyday office life. They can be combined with text, logo and tables. The stamp pad is built into all models. Usually production in 24 h.

Mobile Printy

Mobile Printy – Pocket Stamps

The pocket stamp with the simple one-hand operation, perfectly suitable for on the way or at home. Mobile Printy are popular as diving stamps or for the handbag. Many colours are available. Usually production in 24 h.

Spare cushion

Spare cushion – Trodat Printy

Your Trodat Printy is missing the color? To leave clear and clean impressions again, you can simply order a new Trodat Printy replacement stamp pad for your stamp. Simply replace the replacement cushion and your Troda