Stamps that combine text and logo are easy to spot. In our online shop you will find a variety of stamp models available that you can spice up with your personal logo. For example, it is possible to provide company stamps or address stamps with a meaningful logo and thus immediately increase the recognition value. Take advantage of this cheap marketing tool!
Logo stamps

The individual signature of each person is a written expression of the personality. If you place it under a document, you stand by its name. Often there are events, such as invitations or thanksgiving, where you have to sign hundreds of papers. For these cases, a signature stamp is worth gold! He places under your greeting card, invitation or thank you letter your personal signature.
Signature stamps

The address stamp with frame is a great helper in the office and for those who like – Private or business – Write a lot and often specify your address. The frame stops the address and gives it the necessary attention. Whether on the envelope, the stationery, at the end of a document or in ready-made brochures and flyers: the address stamp with frame immediately gives an individual touch and provides all important contact information.

Address stamps with frame

The address stamp without a frame is simply the classic. He is the indispensable helper for anyone who likes to write a lot – Privately or on business – And often has to give their address. Whether on ready-made brochures and flyers, on the envelope or the stationery: the address stamp without frame provides all important contact information clearly and clearly. Short and sweet with three lines or in detail with many lines – Order the address stamp of your choice from us!
Address stamps without frame

Account assignment stamps find their use especially in accounting, where a subdivision of invoice amounts in accounts and cost centers takes place. In most cases, the creation of an account assignment stamp takes place in tabular form – This guarantees clarity and, at first glance, provides an overview of the date, account, offsetting account, amount and cost center. Thus, an accountancy stamp becomes a fast and inexpensive helper in bookkeeping.

Account assignment stamps

It is often necessary in office life to specify the date a hundred times a day – For example, in the case of incoming mail or documents for filing. Time-saving and consistently neat perform this activity with a date stamp. With their adjustable date imprint, date stamps are popular and proven helpers in everyday paperwork. To give the stamps a perfect complement to your corporate identity, they are available in many different designs.
Date stamps

Office stamps are among the useful, indispensable helpers in everyday office life. But who still likes to travel to buy a stamp to the far away shop? Therefore order your desired office stamp online. Tomorrow you can have this in the mailbox.
Office stamps

A-Mail shipments should reach the recipients the following working day. For this to work reliably, A-Mail consignments processing process must be able to be properly identified. This requires clear labeling – With an A-post stamp. According to Swiss Post regulations, mass mailings of 50 or more letters may be issued by a so-called PP franking. A PP stamp thus offers a practical and easy way to send larger quantities of letters, without having to stick a stamp on every single letter.
A post stamps and PP stamps

Round stamps have a long tradition. They are used for example by authorities and experts and therefore have a very special charisma. They look noble, serious and extraordinary. Use this effect for your success! Our shop offers you a unique online editor, with which you can easily design your personal round stamp. Attention is guaranteed!

Round Stamps

Both in the office and in production often ascending numbering is needed. To enter such a sequence of numbers again and again by hand is troublesome. Numeric stamps are the useful helpers here, which make everyday work easier. The stamps of the Classic-Line by Trodat are available in many sizes and versions. You need a separate ink pad. The stamps of the Professional-Line by Trodat convince with comfort and longevity. The pillow is integrated here.
Number stamps

Company stamp – Shapes the appearance of my company

Company stamps shape the appearance of a company! Don't miss this opportunity and design a stamp online at that will inspire you!

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Company stamp

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

A post stamps and PP stamps – 2 Examples of orders

Address stamps with frame – 3 Examples of orders

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-341779.jpg 341779

A booking stamp can also be embellished and personalised with the company logo. If you experience problems uploading, please contact customer service with your logo and we will be happy to help you.

rundstempel-334775.jpg 334775

The logo above the address immediately enhances the address stamp. It is an eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression.

Address stamps without frame – 3 Examples of orders

adressstempel-mit-rahmen-343195.jpg 343195

Even if your booking stamp is complicated, almost anything is possible with us!

logostempel-286584.jpg 286584

A cheerful stamp, designed from the uploaded club logo and a text block with the address.

Date stamps – 3 Examples of orders

logostempel-339018.jpg 339018

And again it is January, the time to check your date stamp. Even more complex models like this customer's can be realized for you!

In our online tool, various templates are stored, which can easily be adapted to your needs. If you are queuing, we are here to help you.

datumstempel-378064.jpg 378064

A cleanly designed round stamp with logo in the middle.

Thanks to our roundset generator the design is very simple.

datumstempel-368744.jpg 368744

Even oval designs are possible with our round set generator. The middle text is wonderfully highlighted by the ellipse.

Logo stamps – 3 Examples of orders

logostempel-369052.jpg 369052

In the middle of a round stamp the logo is shown to its best advantage!

logostempel-335848.jpg 335848

Do you also need a new booking stamp? With one of our numerous templates and a few adjustments, you will receive a stamp that is precisely tailored to your needs and makes your everyday life easier.

Round Stamps – 3 Examples of orders

logostempel-327774.jpg 327774
A diving stamp of the extra class, individual and creative!

Use - as here - your own graphics, or be inspired by our numerous templates. With a diving stamp (almost) everything is allowed.

Signature stamps – 3 Examples of orders

stempel-layouts-von-kunden-313497.jpg 313497

This example shows very nicely that a logo also looks very good in a booking stamp.

Questions and answers

Yes, we carry all kinds of stamps for companies. Account assignment stamps and date stamps can also be designed and ordered online.

Yes, you can.

You can upload PDF, EPS, JPG or PNG files. The resolution should be at least 600 dpi. Our system will then automatically suggest a suitable stamp.

Yeah, that's no problem. You can simply delete a motif on a template and upload and insert your own motif. The resolution should be at least 600 dpi. The format you can upload is PDF, EPS, JPG or PNG.

Quick! Orders, which are received by us until 15 o'clock, are usually produced and shipped the same day.

Further information on the subject

Company stamp - also a kind of business card

Who needs it more than companies to leave their own logo, address, i.e. their " business card" on numerous letters, documents etc. quickly, attractively as well as clearly and distinctly? Such "business cards" ensure that the company is remembered, that the name and address are omnipresent, that there is a high recognition value - possibly by means of a logo or the entire design. And what form of "business card" could be better suited for this than the company stamp?

Infinite design possibilities

The design of your company stamp is not regulated by law. So you can give free rein to your creativity and put all the necessary information in an appealing form that will catch everyone's eye. It's entirely up to you whether you want to include your logo, for example, or leave an extra message for the customer. Let our great templates inspire you and design a company stamp that will inspire!

Company stamp easily also with logo

The company stamp is generally a stamp that leaves the company logo, the necessary associated text - such as a motto, address or declarations - and possibly a seal, a signature or even an individual graphic on the paper. But who needs such a company stamp? Well, it can be assumed that all private as well as public companies need such a company stamp and perhaps already have one, because it not only saves money but also valuable time. From one-man businesses and micro-enterprises to doctors' surgeries, bank counters, artists or even large companies and factories, as a rule, all those should have their own company stamp who specifically want to draw attention to themselves and whose company name and logo are frequently to be put on paper. The special thing about these company stamps is that they can be freely designed and are not subject to any imposed standards, which in turn not only underlines the individuality and creativity of the companies or private individuals, but also places no limits on creativity and thus the possible recognition value. Nevertheless, certain things should definitely be considered when purchasing or ordering a company stamp. For example, a concise logo that represents the company well and is easily identifiable, a typical graphic or a suitable motif that can be directly associated with the company or the professional group is indispensable on the company stamp. In addition, the company name, the company address and, of course, the telephone and fax numbers as well as, nowadays, the e-mail address. In addition to the relatively neutral company stamps, there are those which are additionally provided with an advertising message. As a rule, the company stamp and letterhead on the company stationery are identical in terms of typography. This means that not only the same logo and graphics are used, but also the font, the design and the slogans are the same.

Company stamps in daily use: sturdy models are recommended


Since company stamps are used very frequently, it is important to have a stamp that is as robust as possible. Furthermore, handling the stamp should in no way lead to signs of fatigue, for example in the wrists, because this can be quite often the case with "wrong" stamps, for example if an office worker has to stamp numerous letters etc. several times a day. Various models are available on the market for this purpose. Self-inking stamping machines are ideal, for example, as the integrated stamp pad makes the additional use of an external stamp pad superfluous. Some of these commercially available company stamps have a robust steel core in a rather light plastic casing, which promises fatigue-free work in addition to easy and quick handling.

Ordering company stamps online is easy


Company stamps can also be purchased directly from specialist retailers. However, it is easier and more convenient to order from us by phone or online on the Internet. Anyone can have such a company stamp made quickly, conveniently and easily here. The sample for the printing plate can either be created by the customer - i.e. by you - or it can be made by the supplier according to your wishes. In order to cope with the tough continuous use in companies, it is advisable to pay less attention to the price and more to quality.